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Class Manager

Recycle Bin Editor

ClassManager has a Recycle Bin feature that instantly restores the deleted records. Also, the Recycle Bid editor records every change made to the data so that you can restore a single field. Accidents happen when using any database. The worst type of accident is when a record or entire series of records are accidentally deleted…
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Search Editor

ClassManager has a Relational Search Editor capable of multi-table searching that can give you the answers that you need to run your business. A simple search form is inadequate to answer real business questions. It can find only the simplest of data request and can view only one table. Often you are required to run…
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Export Import Editor

Any feature rich database should have the ability for the user to export any data element from any table and field in the system. ClassManager if one of the few Registration database products available that allows for complete importing and exporting functionality.
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Set Manager

ClassManager has a Set Manager tool that allows for the capturing of multiple data search results and then can perform set algebra (Union, Difference & Intersection) to give you the data results that you need to run an efficient business. How well a database functions is a combination of many factors. One of those factors…
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Fee Rule Editor

The purpose of a Registration database is to manage clients and students as well as charge fees for the educational services provided. Usually charging fees will involve some kind of discount structure based on multiple registrations, number of students, total value of registration fees, time of day, date, etc. Simple or rudimentary databases applications simply…
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Data Dedupper

All databases are subject over time to duplicate data entry. ClassManager has a specific tool called the Data Dedupper that allow you to find all duplicate entries and eliminate them or merge them into earlier entered entries.
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