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Client Billing Software

Five Ways to Speed Up Client Payments

For a small firm or a solo practitioner, late payments can put a practice in jeopardy, not to mention the stress and frustration that come along with it. Here are a few strategies to help alleviate late payments: Include payment terms in the engagement letter. A signed contract that details how much and when you’ll…
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Staff Compensation

Many firms compensate their timekeepers on a percentage basis of % x Collected Invoices=Compensation. Sometimes firms pay different percentages based on whether a case has been assigned to the timekeeper or whether the case has been originated by the timekeeper. The TimeManager Compensation Report can calculate monthly compensation for both originated and non originated cases…
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Generate Invoices

TimeManager can generate invoices on a one-off basis or by the hundreds at a time. You can create single- or multi-matter invoices for clients with more than one case. TimeManager’s invoicing system can handle write-offs, refunds and other special cases. Print hard copies or email your invoices directly to the client.
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Manage Taxes

TimeManager can store multiple types of taxes (Federal, state, provincial, etc.) on any basis (services, expenses, services and expenses). Taxes are calculated automatically on all invoices once you enter a new client in the database and select the appropriate rate.
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