Reasons Why You Should Choose Mac Over Windows to Run Your Firm

  1. Long-term Savings. While Mac may be more expensive in initial startup costs, you’ll likely save your firm IT spending in the long run.
  2. Interoperability. If one program that you need is only available on a Windows environment, a system like Parallels or VMWare Fusion can allow you to access a Windows environment on the Mac.
  3. Mac-loving attorneys have developed their own subculture. You’ll find plenty of helpful resources on line such as The Mac Lawyer, Macs In Law and groups like MILO (Macs in Law Offices). These sites can help you quickly move up the Mac learning curve and leverage the benefits of the platform for your firm.
  4. Stability. The superior stability of the Mac platform means you don’t have to worry that your time tracking software crashes on you, triggering frustration and losing billable hours. Additionally, while Windows may be the dominant platform, Mac lends itself to customizable billing software that may be more suited to your small firm’s unique needs.

Check out Atlantic Associates’ time and billing software for the Mac (or Windows), TimeManager. TimeManager is a full-function Time Billing Software system designed to be used by a 1 to 100 person workgroup. It can be used on a single Windows or Mac computer or in a mixed Windows/Mac environment with your existing server as a true, multi-user cloud-enabled client/server application. Easy time tracking from your smartphone or tablet.


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