Easily Track Time with Attorney Billing Software

TimeManager is a full-function Attorney Billing Software system designed to be used by a 1 to 100 person workgroup. It can be used on a single Windows or Mac computer or in a mixed Windows/Mac environment with your existing server as a true, multi-user cloud enabled client/server application. Track time from your smartphone or tablet and save it to the cloud.


  • Public or Private Cloud
  • Client Management
  • Contact Management
  • Matters
  • Rates
  • Time Tracking
  • Expense Tracking
  • Retainers
  • Refunds
  • Taxes
  • Interest
  • Security & User Access
  • Report Editor
  • Structure Editor
  • LEDES Billing
  • Invoices
  • Invoice Editor
  • Staff Performance
  • Staff Compensation

time tracking on smartphone for attorney billing software application TimaManager
This attorney billing software application will provide your firm with a fast and efficient way to stay organized.

  • Time tracking
  • Billing
  • Invoicing
  • Reporting

TimeManager attorney billing software allows for hourly, flat fee, and percent finished billing, ensuring the most convenient way to track your time. TimeManager provides an easier way to stay informed of your firm’s performance with its reports feature.

This application produces reports on individual performance, as well as on total law firm billing by matter, department, workgroup, etc. It also produces aged accounts receivables, productivity reports, client history reports, time analysis reports, overhead and budget reports, and user customizable reports.

TimeManager has great security features as well. The application comes with a multi-level password protection system so that users see only what they need to see, and other features are made easy with just a click of a button. This attorney billing software also has a sophisticated import/export editor that can be used to import off-site billing data.

clockNo other Time Billing application on the Macintosh or Windows platform gives you such instant access to professional services information. TimeManager can also be easily adapted to work with other applications such as email or accounting programs.

Why choose TimeManager attorney billing software?

The application is quickly set up, easy to learn, and provides a multitude of features that will allow you to track your time easily and efficiently.

Customization services are also available to further tailor TimeManager attorney billing software to the unique requirements of your business.

A working demo and manual are available for download in order to demonstrate TimeManager’s ease of use and powerful capabilities to help run your company’s billing program.

Time tracking attorney billing software screen

Time tracking screen on an iPad - TimeManager Attorney Billing software

TimeManager attorney billing software time tracking screen on a tablet


  • The easiest way to manage Time & Expense billing
  • Legal billing on Mac OSX and Windows computers
  • Fast, simple point-and-click operation
  • Exports financial data to leading general ledger accounting systems
  • Full Windows and Mac compatibility
  • Works with third party supplied accounting systems
  • Calculates and invoices fees and expenses on a monthly or as needed basis
  • Can be accessed remotely through the internet using cloud technology with any browser, tablet or smart phone
  • Invoices can be automatically emailed to clients as attached pdf documents
  • Generates professional invoices and statements singularly or by the hundreds automatically
  • Maintains consolidated multiyear database of active and inactive clients
  • Produces customized reports that can be tailored by the user
  • Uses virtual structure so that users can change every label and field in the program
  • Sophisticated Password System for multi-level access
  • Produces graphical charts that show distribution of billing throughout the business by individual, workgroups, departments, etc.
  • Widely used for attorney time billing

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